Rotting cow finally picked up from an alley in Pasco

PASCO, Wash. - An alley off Court Street has a reputation as a dumping ground according to surrounding business owners.

They've seen tires, couches, but nothing like this. A butchered cow stuffed in a trash can.

"It's a continual battle. People dump stuff in our garbage, mainly, into our garbage dumpsters back there which is really not fair to us," said Norman Ward.

That's not the worst of it. One of the legs was across the street.

Ward continues, "Since the cow was up at the other end of the building we would not have known it was there."

He said police first told him about the problem yesterday. According to a viewer email her son noticed it last Thursday.

"We let our landlord know. He tried 3 or 4 different agencies and could get nowhere," said Ward.

After not getting many answers or much help either a call was placed to the Benton Franklin Health District. The same agency contacted following the dead horse in the Columbia River problem. While waiting for an answer an unlikely hero came to the rescue.

Turns out the call to Pasco police sparked a call to the Pasco Public Works Department. It's crews normally don't respond to these calls.

Paul Rhodes, with the city said, "It's so hard to find someone who's jurisdiction it might fall under. So, it's one of those cases where you just try and make it go away just for the citizens."

Based on the scene the city believes this was done intentionally.

"It's pretty obvious being in an enclosure it had to be placed there. It's an illegal dump."

It's something the store owner knows well and has a message for dumpers.

Norman Ward says, "Take care of it. Be responsible for your own mess for crying out loud."

He's now putting up cameras in the alley to catch who does it the next time.

We will take a closer look at why it's so hard to get help removing dead animals.

KEPR will contact all the public agencies to find out what the actual procedure is for citizens needing assistance.