Robbers targeting more homes than businesses in Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Robbers don't just target businesses. For the second straight year, KIMA learned they're actually going after more homes in Yakima.

It started with an unexpected knock on Teresa Garcia Laguna's door. A stranger told her he had car problems and she decided to help him.

"He asked if he could come in and use the phone and he came inside. And, the minute he stepped in the door, he pulled the gun out," said Teresa.

Moments later, three more men joined in the crime. Teresa had no idea what was going to happen.

"I was really terrified because I didn't know if they were going to shoot me because I saw who they were," said Teresa.

She's lucky to be alive. They didn't shoot, but they took everything she had. Teresa called the police after they left, but the robbers were never caught.

KIMA pulled the numbers for robberies last year in Yakima and learned that places like gas stations and convenience stores aren't the top target.

Robbers hit twice as many homes as businesses last year. That follows also a similar trend in 2012.

A woman who didn't want to be identified said her friends were recently robbed in her driveway.

"They said if you move, I'll shoot you," said "Tiffany."

"It happened right in front on your house?" KIMA asked.

"Yes, literally right in front of my house, right outside my bedroom window," said "Tiffany."

Yakima police recommend installing a security system and using it even when you're home. And, keep an eye on your trash. Don't throw out anything that shows what kind of valuables you have inside. An empty television box is one example.

Teresa learned to follow the most common recommendation.

"I'm more careful," said Teresa. "I lock my door more."

Guns were used 16 times to rob Yakima homes and 10 times in businesses.