Road preparations for the winter

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's the season when slick roads could show up anywhere in the Yakima Valley. A lot of the time you can't even see the danger.

"By putting the materials on the roads, it lowers the freezing temperatures so the ice doesn't form," said Road Maintenance Manager Matt Pietrusiewicz.

While there hasn't been snow yet around Yakima County, the ice is already a threat and the crews were out there. The county spent nearly $25,000 a year on chemicals so ice stayed off the streets.

"We feel for the amount of money we spend it's quite a benefit," said Matt. "It prevents a lot of accidents."

Drivers like Deb Wagner were leery about road conditions during winter. And, knew the anti-ice chemical was no guarantee.

"If we have any help on the roadways that's great, but that's not a license to go faster," said Deb.

"Yakima County put anti-ice on 45 miles of the roads that they found the most susceptible to frost," said Reporter.

Bridges, shady spots and areas with higher humidity like those near the river froze the fastest. Deb said don't wait for the snow to warn you about driving conditions.

"I think a lot of accidents happen when people think they can go faster than they should," said Deb.

Yakima had also put anti-ice on all the city's streets. The chemical lasted a day to several days depending on the weather. It ran a dollar a gallon and 5,700 gallons were used to cover the city just once.