Riverside Christian School invite the Yakima Police Department K-9 Unit to their school

k9 unit

YAKIMA Wash. -- This week is national police week and to celebrate it The Riverside Christian School invited the Yakima Police Department (YPD) K–9 Unit to give the students a presentation on the importance of the K–9 Units.

Children got to see the German shepherds listen to commands, find a pair of keys and attack their school principal.

K–9 officer Robert Walter, says these dogs are a vital part of their department because they help patrol and locate suspects.

But with only two dogs out of four making the team right now, things can get a bit complicated.

“Providing that personal relation with everyone who calls the police for services and when were low staffed or undermanned we really can’t do that,” said Walter.

Walter says getting one dog to join the K–9 Unit can cost them up to $16,000.

He says they rely 100 percent on donations to get a new dog.

This is why the leadership Yakima class, Yakima Strong, has stepped up to put together a 5K Fun Run fundraiser to help raise money for the K–9 Unit.

“Now we only have two K-9 dogs so were running at 50 percent. The YPD was running at 50 percent support important for us to maximize the ability to protect our city,” said Leadership Yakima Class member Lexi Mitchell.

Their goal is to have the community come out and support the K–9 Unit and raise at least $9,000.

That way the Yakima Police Department can better protect the city.

The 5K Fun Run is taking place in Franklin Park this Saturday.

To help support the Yakima Police Department K–9 Unit you can pre-register by going to our website to the Yakima Strong website.

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