Ring sting: Reporter's stolen wedding ring recovered

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Our team covers them all the time - Crime Tracker reports of ransacked cars - valuables stolen. Reporter Abby Acone has covered many of these herself. But she failed to follow her own advice: never leave something expensive in your car.

In this case her wedding ring was stolen. But in a true stroke of genius, luck and good ol' police work, the ring was returned to a much-wiser owner.

Abby's fianc knew it wasn't good the moment he walked outside. The car doors were flung open. He immediately thought of her wedding band. It was in the glove compartment, and it was gone.

"It was really frustrating and invasive," said fianc Riley Robertson.

The ring Abby expected Riley Roberston to slip on her finger later this summer. That custom-designed band he had happily labored over.

"The ring was brilliant - it was beautiful white gold," he said.

But let's go back to the beginning. After years of dating and a long-distance separation, Riley had surprised Abby for her birthday. He flew into town, got down on one knee and she said yes.

With little hope of recovering the ring, Abby posted a picture on Facebook hoping someone might recognize it. But no luck at pawn shops or online. That is, until Riley spotted a post on Craig's List.

"My heart started racing. I was pacing around the house," Riley said.

Riley knew it was Abby's ring. They called the police and a friend texted the Craig's List poster to set up a meeting. Undercover cops set up a sting at this busy Starbucks on Highway 395 and Clearwater.

They came with the ring and police came with the cuffs. Two people arrested for trafficking stolen property. Two teens arrested for the actual theft. It's possible two others were also involved.

"When it was recovered, I was shocked we had actually got it back," he said.

Police said they were lucky but maybe just lucky in love.

"The fact ours came back is exciting - just beyond exciting," Riley said.

The vast majority of people don't get their belongings back because they can't provide a detailed description. In this case, an overly anxious bride-to-be had plenty of photos of her matching engagement ring.

A word of advice: never keep your own valuables in your car. And you can expect Abby to start wearing that wedding band this June.