Richland florist countersues Attorney General, says rights violated

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - A Richland florist is counter suing the Washington State Attorney General, arguing her civil rights were violated. In a lawsuit set to be filed in Benton County Superior Court, the attorney for Barronelle Stutzman says she cannot be compelled to design flowers for a same-sex wedding. The lawsuit says it's a violation of the state and federal constitution to attempt to compel her to craft floral arrangements for a wedding she does not support.

The suit says that by creating the arrangements, this could be seen as "an endorsement and celebration of same-sex marriage." To read the lawsuit yourself, click here.

The story made national headlines when Stutzman refused to provide flowers to a longtime customer, citing her Christian faith. Stutzman was sued by the Washington State Attorney General under the Consumer Protection Act, stating it is a violation of state law to refuse flowers based on sexual orientation.

The alleged victim in the suit has also sued Stutzman with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union.