Revitalizing Yakima's economy

YAKIMA, Wash.-- It is a new slate in the new year. As we start off 2013, you'll soon have several more shopping options around town in areas that aren't used to seeing development. If you drive along any street in Yakima and you're likely to see "going out of business" or "for rent" signs. With the new year, comes a new start for empty stores across town.

"We do offer both pilates and yoga and having them both together under one roof really makes us unique to the rest of the valley," said Kin Schlieman, who opened Premier Pilates and Yoga in Yakima on January first.

He also uses his business to contribute to it's economy.

"One aspect of our business is to make sure that what we bring in we are still able to support the valley at the same time," he said.

Another new business supporting the valley is Eluxur Day Spa in Selah. It opened January 7th by owners Samantha and Nedie.

"We're more local and when we support our local businesses obviously our economy and especially this town will grow," Nedie said.

The day spa's goal is to give people an affordable way to pamper themselves in an elegant environment while gaining more customers for all of downtown Selah. While the city is pushing to become a tourism destination, the owners think their new business will help make it happen.

"I would hope we would be one of the number one things that pops up as something luxurious to do, something pampering," said Nedie.

Large economic development projects are also in the works. The city of Yakima is beginning the paperwork to take full ownership of the airport. Development plans are in the works at the Cascade Mill Site. Each opening is a step toward a more prosperous community while giving you more places to shop.