Report: Pacific Northwest University generates $26M toward Yakima County economy

TERRACE HEIGHTS, Wash. -- A local medical school has a lot to celebrate since being founded 12 years ago today.

Pacific Northwest University (PNWU) had an economic impact of $26.8 million in Yakima County last year and nearly $48 million in the state, according to a recent report from the firm Tripp Umbach.

The school had 140 medical graduates in 2016 with more than a quarter of them practicing in Washington.

About $2 million and 13 jobs are created by every practicing doctor.

"We have great faculty and staff, and students and trainers and all that stuff that contribute to this, but it still goes back on the shoulders of those founders that made it possible just because they said, 'We want a medical school in Yakima,'" said PNWU Communications Director Dean O'Driscoll.

PNWU officials said they have plans for more schools in the future that could include dentistry, behavioral health, and physical therapy. School operations supported more than 300 jobs throughout the county in 2016 while employees and students generated $902,000 in charitable donations.

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