Remembering mom: Mike McCabe

PASCO, Wash. -- Leading up to The Relay For Life events in June, Action News will introduce you to different people in the community, impacted by cancer. They may be your neighbor, babysitter, co-worker, and they each have a unique story to share. This is Mike McCabe's story.

"She always said 'do your best to get it all,'" said Mike McCabe, "work a little harder go for your dreams. We only get this one life, and I think she knew hers was about to end."

"In 1987 my mom passed away from liver cancer, on April 25th to be exact, in the early morning hours at home," he said.

We all know Mike McCabe's smile, but many do not know his story. Cancer rocked his life at the age of 13. "I remember her coming home and saying, 'mom's sick and I am going to go in for treatments' and I remember thinking this is not good," he said. "I knew when my mom was serious, and she was being serious."

Betty McCabe had breast cancer.

"I was devastated. I cried. I just thought what am I going to do because she was our mother and our father," he said. For four years the single mother fought and for a moment they all thought she had won.

"She was cancer free and then in the fall of '86 she had not been feeling well. She went in and it had spread to her liver."

She raised three kids on to college, but Mike and his twin brother had two years to go. "She was just about done raising the kids and we were left. It's something I will never forget."

Mike's older brother, Doug, graduated college and came home to finish raising the two teens. It's a sacrifice Mike will never forget, and a promise Doug made to their mom.

"I know she's in my heart and I know because of all of this I am a stronger person for it," he said, a stronger person for following his dreams, with a forecast for everyone.

"Love your parents, your brothers, your sisters, because we don't know how long we're going to get in this world and there are no guarantees."

Mike said it's been the support of his siblings and our viewing community, that have helped him cope with the loss of his mother.