Register to vote before local elections

Register to vote before local elections

YAKIMA, Wash.- With elections around the corner experts encourage the community to register and vote.

It's National Voters Registration Day and this year Washington State has 4,243,807 registered voters and locally, Yakima County has 114,223 registered voters.

"We've noticed over the last ten years a very steady increase in the amount of people registering to vote and we appreciate that. We are making it really easy for folks, you can do it online and it's just a couple easy steps in order to register to vote," said by Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross.

You can register online and click register to vote under the registration tab to start your application.

The deadline to submit your registration is October 9. Yakima County will be mailing out election ballots on October 20. Make sure to submit your ballets before the election on November 7.

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