Rattlesnake Hills fire is under red flag warning

fire update

MOXEE Wash. -- Firefighters are still battling the wildfire on Rattlesnake Ridge Road in Moxee and right now they are under red flag warning.

Public Information Officer Tim McKern says the fire has damaged 4,027 acres of land and is now 50 to 60 percent contained.

He says they are in red flag warning meaning anything can spark the fire and the weather conditions are helping.

“A little tiny spark a lighter anything that could spark that fire because you got heat you got humidity you got wind. All those factors are involved in there and it just doesn’t spell out success," said McKern.

Fire crews from all over the state will be assisting to help stop the wildfire.

No homes have been damaged or evacuated but Robillard road at LaFramboise road are temporarily closed.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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