Rascal Rodeo event for children with special needs

rascal rodeo.PNG

Toppenish Wash. -- The 49th annual Toppenish Junior Rodeo put together an event for children with special needs.

The Rascal Rodeo event started at 10 this morning today and ended at noon.

Kids were able to ride horses, milk and rope objects and play with toy horses.

Chairman of the Junior Rodeo Chuck Carl says they started putting this event together because they want to give everyone a chance to experience this.

"They usually sit in a wheel chair all the time so they get to go ride a horse go out and ride one of the barrels and act like they're ridding a bull or something. Some of them they usually run the barrels out there and have some fun. Its really a good event," said Carl.

This is the third year they put together the Rascal Rodeo event.

Carl says they are happy with the turn out and will keep hosting it every year.

Right now their main rodeo event is taking place at the Toppenish Rodeo Grounds.

Everyone is welcome to stop by.

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