Radio stations raise money for fellow DJ with cancer

YAKIMA, Wash.-- You might have heard different music than usual Wednesday coming from your favorite country music station here in the Yakima Valley. KXDD took every kind of request to raise money for a fellow DJ.

The pay for play day is helping DJ Joel Baker, known on the radio as JB in the Afternoon. He ended his career last week to undergo extensive cancer treatment. KXDD played any song this morning as long as the caller's request came with a donation.

"We've played Money Money," KXDD Host Charlie Brooks said. "We've played B-52's Love Shack, which was hilariously funny and we're going to play Metallica pretty soon. We even had a request for Ozzy Osbourne just now."

KXDD already raised more than $15,000. And, its radio competition over at Town Square Media is actually joining the effort. It will hold a pancake feed next Saturday at the Speakeasy for donations of ten dollars or more a plate.