Protesters look for answers after last month's deadly officer shootings

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's been over a month since two deadly officer-involved shootings occurred back-to-back in Yakima County: the first in Selah and the second in Yakima. Today, protesters gathered outside of the Yakima Police Department, looking for justice and answers.

Was the deadly use of force by our law enforcement justified? The answer has yet to be determined by the internal investigations.

Protesters in Yakima today gathered looking for those answers.

One protester was Kassie Fishnick, Jesse Humphrey's stepsister.
Humphrey was shot outside an RV in Selah following a standoff with law enforcement. His sister thinks there's more to the story than what's been shared publicly.

"People judged Jesse based off of their statements, and now we want people to see the truth," said Fishnick.

Protesters were also gathering for Rocendo Arias, who was shot by an officer outside a car wash on Nob Hill Boulevard.

"I believe that since us as citizens are held accountable, and we get charged for false statements to police officers, they should be held accountable for their false statements that they gave," said Fishnick.

YPD can't comment on the investigation until it's over, but said the correct steps are being taken.

"We follow the procedure, established guidelines that are nationally accepted, and we have accountability in place, and ultimately, everything we do will be reviewed by the prosecutor's office," said Yakima Police Chief Dominic Rizzi.

The investigation will also determine if the officers followed department rules and state laws during the shooting - answers today's protesters are fighting to get.

"This is absolutely what the Constitution says. They have a First Amendment right to gather to protest, and we will defend their right to speak out," said Chief Rizzi.

Chief Rizzi says they expect one of the officers to return to work next week.