Prosecution against West Valley triple murder suspect hits road block

YAKIMA - There are more delays in the West valley triple murder case. KIMA learned the prosecution against Tracy Culton hit a road block Friday.

It could be up to a month before Yakima County prosecutors know whether she's mentally fit to stand trial.

Prosecutors charged her with three counts of first-degree murder in connection with the beating deaths of Bill, Pauline and Elizabeth Goggin in their West Valley home last year.

Her mental evaluation has been pushed to next week.

Doctors at Eastern State Hospital will determine if she can handle a trial.

Yakima County Prosecutor Ken Ramm says the hospital is overloaded.

"Eastern State Hospital has experienced a significant increase in requests for their services both from Yakima County and throughout eastern Washington and the state in general," said Ramm. "Apparently she's at the top of the list to go to Eastern State Hospital so we're expecting her to be transferred the coming week."

Ramm says the results should be available next month.

Prosecutors asked for the evaluation in August.

Kevin Harper is the other suspect charged with murder in the case.

His trial was supposed to start this month, but was delayed six months to give the defense more time to go over d-n-a evidence.