Proposed pool improvements estimated at nearly a million dollars

Franklin Pool in the summer. Franklin Pool now.
Shuttered for the fall, winter and spring.

This year at least...

The City is considering keeping the pool open 365 days a year by building a weather dome.

"I think having the pool open all year round would be positive," said Ruben Dabalos. "It would give youth more recreational activities in the area."

Other improvements on the table? Renovating the bathhouse.

A new report out from Yakima's Built Environment Committee estimates improvements would cost almost a million dollars. Roughly a third of the cost for the dome, the rest for the bathhouse.

Keeping the pool open year-round could more than triple expenses. Yet the money made is expected to only double.

I asked Parks Manager Ken Wilkinson to comment on the costs.

"Quality parks and rec facilities cost money," said Wilkinson. "They do. That's just part of the field that we're in.""

It's not about making money as it is about providing a resource. The numbers in the report are only preliminary. The project would still need the okay from council. And there's still the idea of how it would be paid for.

"That's part of the discussion that we'll need to have," said Wilkinson.

Some neighbors say Yakima is taking the right approach -- building on what's old -- instead of starting anew.

"It sounds like a lot, but to start from scratch would probably be prohibitive," said Rose McCarthy, who lives in Yakima.

A lot of plans. Ripe for discussion. Keep your bathing suit in the drawer until summer.