Powerful military aircrafts fly over Yakima during training

YAKIMA, Wash. -- You've contacted us asking about helicopters flying over Yakima the past couple days. KIMA learned they're V-22 Ospreys, which is a military aircraft with the capabilities of both a helicopter and traditional plane.

Marines from Miramar, California have been helping train soldiers at the Yakima Training Center. They've been flying the V-22 Ospreys the past four days. Crews returned home today.

Neighbors have enjoyed watching the aircrafts.

"They've been flying over our house and we've been watching them," said Kara Prier from Yakima. "It's amazing, it's so powerful and loud and we run outside every time and look at it."

A V-22 has the vertical take off and landing capabilities of a helicopter, with the high speed performance of a traditional aircraft.