Pop-up art: Allied Arts hosts first Art Scene

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's like pop-up art right in Yakima. A surprise event put on by Allied Arts.

The idea was to surprise neighbors in Downtown Yakima with light projections on the buildings. Other art sites will be at the Yakima Mall, Capitol Theater and the Seasons. Seven buildings in all will be decorated with huge light projections until 8:30 Friday night.

Allied Arts hopes to host more Art Scenes after this.

"People are not going to be expecting this to happen," said featured artist Andy Buhrle. "For them to walk up the street on their way to dinner or for an after work cocktail and to get this opportunity and kind of bombarded them with the surprise art event is really pretty exciting for me."

These selections depict the culture and the future of Yakima. All images are unique and it's truly something Downtown Yakima has not seen before.