Poor air quality causes Yakima schools to keep students indoors

Poor air quality causes Yakima schools to keep students indoors

YAKIMA, Wash. - Many school districts across Yakima County are making changes to keep students from outdoor activities due to unhealthy air.

Deputy Superintendent Cece Mahre issued a district-wide directive to keep all school-related activities indoors Sept. 5, after a poor air quality advisory was issued in the area.

The district announced all activities including after school sport practices, contests and activities (i.e. band practice) will not be conducted outdoors.

Members of the district are encouraged to visit their school website or mobile app for scheduling changes and possible cancellations.

In the West Valley School District, principal of Wide Hollow Elementary Rick Ferguson said on days like today when the air quality nears hazardous, he has to move recess inside for students.

“Today was great because we had a big long indoor recess in the gym and we got to do Just Dance and things that are more fun,” he said. "And it also allowed them to get some exercise."

Ferguson said the school is also monitoring the indoor air quality and filtering out any pollution that gets inside.

According to the Washington State Department of Ecology, the air quality alert will continue through at least Friday.

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