Police: Zillah man questioned for Facebook posts, possible school threat

ZILLAH, Wash. -- KIMA learned Zillah police and the FBI questioned a man from Zillah about Facebook posts that raised safety concerns in several Lower Valley school districts.

Investigators say they got tips about disturbing posts on Friday, the same day as the deadly attack in Connecticut that killed 20 kids.

Details about the investigation are limited because it's on going.

According the the Yakima County Sheriff's Office website, deputies performed a welfare check on the man's home after receiving tips about alleged threats made online, but was unable to locate him.

Zillah police say he was later found by the FBI in the Upper Valley.

According YSO's incident log, the call that came in to deputies mentioned the Zillah man posted he was considering "doing something similar" to the shooting that happened Friday, and that "the children deserved it."

Zillah police say the online material has been deleted so it's hard to determine what was actually said.

School administrators in Zillah, Toppenish and Granger were warned but detectives maintain there is no immediate threat to your children and will continue to watch local area schools closely.

The Granger Police Department is now putting emphasis patrols at schools as a precaution.

The man questioned has not been charged according to Zillah investigators.