Police: We wouldn't be surprised if Chang has other victims

PENDLETON, Ore. -- Police say they wouldn't be surprised if Lukah Chang had other victims.

They say the attacks may not have been on the same level as the murder of Amyjane Brandhagen or attack on Karen Lange. But someone in Chang's state of mind could definitely have assaulted someone else.

Chang previously went by the alias Danny Wu. He appeared in court Thursday in a bulletproof vest facing murder and attempted murder charges.

Pendleton police are working with police departments up and down the west coast to see if there might be unsolved crimes linked to him.

Chang is suspected of a murder at the Travelodge Motel last summer and the attack of a woman on the Pendleton River Walk.

He might never have been caught if it weren't for security cameras. Action News reported on the cameras added to the river walk four years ago as an effort to deter crime.

It was one of those very cameras that caught Chang's image on tape.

Police recognized him and were able to match a name with their suspect.

There are nine cameras in all, posted in high-crime areas in downtown Pendleton.