Police: Shooting leaves 6 people hurt, 1 in critical condition

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It wasn't all fun and games for people hanging out at Aladdin's Hookah Lounge early Sunday morning.

"All I heard was shots. Bop bop bop bop," said Conrad Baughman.

"Everybody was dancing, hanging out, laughing," said Amanda Mccoy. "It was fun until that happened."

Yakima police said a suspect was with multiple people in a dark colored sedan when someone in the car shot six people in the parking lot at Aladdin's Hookah Lounge.

The suspects were driving south in the 1000 block of South 23rd Avenue. Four victims were taken to the hospital by private cars. Two were taken to the hospital by an ambulance at a later time.

It was a devastating event for Hani Salha, owner of the hookah lounge. Not only were his friends hurt, but he was almost a victim of the shooting.

"I was literally five feet away," said Hani. "I froze because of the fact that, what do you do when you're standing there and you're seeing people you know being hurt and dropped right in front of you?"

"I saw like four people hit the ground just boom boom hit the ground, blood was going everywhere," said Conrad.

Alcohol and weapons are not allowed at Hani's business. He said he will take extra measures to beef up security.

"It can happen anywhere," said Hani. "It can happen at the mall, McDonald's. It can happen anywhere. It happened so fast and it was so ruthless, so unexpected."

"It was so chaotic," said Amanda. "Everybody was fighting on the inside trying to fight each other, screaming and yelling, running, pushing each other around."

Police said this incident is likely gang related. No arrests have been made at this time.