Police: Running in traffic, man wanted to get hit by car in Salem

SALEM, Ore. -- Police in Salem said a man who was hit by a car Thursday night did it intentionally.

Salem Police Department officers went to the Rosemont exit on Highway 22W after witnesses said there was a man running in traffic, trying to get hit by a car.

Police said some people tried to subdue the man to prevent him trying to get hit and that the people who tried to subdue him had been assaulted by the man.

When police arrived, the man broke free from the people subduing him and he ran westbound in the eastbound lanes of Hwy 22W. Police tried to warn drivers of the emergency as they chased the man, but the man continued to run and was eventually hit by a car.

Police have not released the name of the man, but said he was taken to Salem Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The eastbound lanes of Highway 22W leading into Salem were closed during the investigation.