Police report about Union Gap mayor altercation to be released

UNION GAP, Wash. -- Action News is working to get you more information on why the Mayor of Union Gap is no longer allowed at city hall.

KIMA tried the city attorney, police chief and city manager. They will only say there was an altercation involving Jim Lemon and a Union Gap employee.

A copy of the police report won't be available until it's final. That could happen later this week.

One woman says she looks forward to moving on.

"I think they have more important things to do than all this junk frankly. I think getting rid of the mayor will be great for the city. We need a new form of government," said Union Gap resident Judy Hemenway. "It isn't working."

Action News found out the no trespassing is not exclusively because of the criminal investigation.

Internal problems before that went into the decision.