Photos: The 'Full Buck/Thunder/Perigee/Super Moon' looms large

Clear skies over the past few days have given quite a show for photographers eager to capture the full moon as it rose over the Cascades. But there might have been a little confusion over what to call it.

Some referred to it as the "Thunder Moon", others the "Super Moon" and others still, the "Buck Moon."

Turns out, they're all correct.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, Native Americans called the full moon in July the "Buck Moon" -- the time when new antlers push forth out of buck deer -- or the "Thunder Moon," as it was a time when thunderstorms were frequent.

This particular full moon, however, was coming near the time when the moon makes its closest pass to Earth in its elliptical orbit -- just a day off. Thus, astronomers call it a "perigee moon" but that moon has recently been also given the name the "Super Moon."

It's not quite as "super" as the super moon we had last month, which was even closer timed between the exact full moon and the closest approach to Earth, but close enough to get the name.

But whatever you want to call it, it sure was pretty!