People in Yakima can help donate to Hurricane Harvey

People in Yakima can help donate to Hurricane Harvey

Yakima Wash. -- People in the city of Yakima can help donate to the victims affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

The Salvation Army in Yakima is partnering up with us here at KIMA in standing strong for Texas.

A fundraiser will take place on Friday at the KIMA parking lot.

People can write a check of the Salvation Army relief effort and drop it off at our studio starting at 6 a.m. Friday morning.

Commanding Officer for the Yakima Salvation Army Nicholas Helms says they prefer to receive money donations rather than items because it’s really hard to ship the items to the areas affected.

“We want to make sure that they’re getting the items they need. Its really hard for us to have to ship it over it costs a lot of money for us to ship them over so we’d rather just get the money go out and purchase the items directly rather than having to use the money to ship the items.”

Sinclair broadcast group will match every dollar up to the first $100,000 raised.

You can also donate by clicking the donation link on the KIMA home page.

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