People afflicted by mysterious hallucinations in Coos Bay sent home from ER the same day

A hazmat crew checked both the hospital ER and the home and found nothing to explain the hallucinations. (Coos County Sheriff's Office)

COOS BAY, Ore. - First responders in Coos County dealt with a mysterious situation last week in which a hallucinating woman's symptoms appeared to spread to deputies and a hospital worker.

A hazardous materials team responded to both a home and the hospital emergency room. Investigators found no explanation for what happened.

A spokesperson from Bay Area Hospital asked to clarify some points of the narrative.

Barbara Bauder, the hospital's chief development hospital, said the patients were never formally hospitalized or quarantined.

The 5 people who showed symptoms of hallucinations were seen in the emergency room.

Everyone had been sent home by noon that day, Bauder said.