Parent: "It was like having your life flash before your eyes."

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The danger of speeding only increases when it happens in school zones with kids around. Elementary schools are obviously the biggest concern.

"It was like having your life flash before your eyes for your kids. It was really scary," said Roosevelt Elementary parent Lanea Cate.

Lanea Cate is referring to the day she saw a car almost hit her oldest son Ethan while on his way to Roosevelt Elementary.

YPD says the most tickets given in a school zone is Roosevelt Elementary. They say it's big intersections like this that make it more likely for drivers to speed.

Other dangerous elementary school zones include Hoover, McKinley, McClure and Ridgeview Elementary.

"Even though my kids want to be independent and walk to school by themselves, I really don't feel safe. I don't really feel safe letting them walk to school by themselves," said Cate.

Police try to keep this in check with officers in place around school zones before and after classes every day.

"We have patrols out and I think that's all we can do right now and hopefully that the parents do slow down," said Roosevelt Elementary Principal Dan Williams.

Parents say they're glad when they see officers writing tickets.

"The drivers do need to slow down and I think as parents we need to remember that it's not just our kids out there, but everyone else's," said Roosevelt Elementary parent Kimberly Small.

"I know I would feel horrible if something like that happened to someone else's child and I was the cause. I'm sure other people would feel terrible if they caused some sort of accident for someone else's child. We really all have a responsibility to be careful and watch for the kids," said Cate.

Getting caught driving six miles an hour over the speed limit here in Yakima could run you $124. It's at least $210 if you're caught speeding in a school zone.