Owner finds python after a day on the loose in Oregon

TIGARD, Ore. - A Tigard police officer on patrol Wednesday thought something didn't look right when he saw a person rummaging through some bushes.

It turns out there wasn't something sinister going on; rather, the person was looking for a 5-foot python that slithered out of a house and was on the loose in Tigard.

Here's the good news: the snake's owner, Debbie, found the reptile, named Ally, around 5:30 on Wednesday evening in her garage between the furnace and the water heater. She was getting ready to go to the park and search when she spotted the python instead.

Debbie's son had the snake loose in his bedroom and left a window open at their home near Hwy 99W and Johnson Street. The snake apparently pushed out the screen and got out sometime late Tuesday night or early Wednesday.

Debbie has had the snake for 12 years.

During a search a police spokesperson said the department couldn't devote any resources to track down the python, but they did ask neighbors to be alert.