Over 300 booths at the Central Washington State Fair

Over 300 booths at the Central Washington State Fair

YAKIMA. Wash.- People from all over the Valley come to the annual Central Washington State Fair to try different foods and rides, but also the hundreds of unique booths. There are over 300 booths this year, one of them being camel rides.

"This is our fourth year here and we are doing camel rides. We travel the West coast going fair to fair and we love coming to Yakima Central Washington State Fair," said by Dustin's Top Notch Camel Ride Employee Wesley Pavur.

Dustin's Top Notch Camel Rides started eight years ago. Pavur says his boss always loved working with exotic animals and enjoys sharing it.

"He used to work for a friend who owned camels and that's where he started," said Pavur.

Another venue at the fair is the Mysterious Black Hole.

"We call it an illusion because of what happens when you walk inside, and its a big platform as you walk in and it's a straight shot but a lot of people don't think it is," said by the founder of the illusion station Dennis Jangula.

Jangula says that he gets people of all ages trying his illusion booth and says his favorite part is their reaction.

"So a lot of kids or a lot of adults think that they are actually going upside down, and it's pretty hard just to walk a straight line going through there," said Jangula.

Next I got to talk to an Oregon based airbrush artist that has had his booth at the fair for 20 years.

"I've been drawing since I was a kid and just continued as I got older and stayed with it," said by the owner of the airbrush shop Paul Bochner.

Bochner typically draws anywhere from 50 to 100 shirts a day, and created over 6,000 different designs for his customers to choose from. He says he plans to be here for another 20 years.

"In life everyone has a chance at doing something and this was my chance to do something that I felt worthy of," said Bochner.

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