Outdoor residential burning starts Friday

The time for legal residential outdoor burning is near - the first day for such activity in 2013 is Friday, March 15th.

Remember, residential outdoor burning is only allowed outside of Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) in Yakima County when no Burn Ban is in place, and must be accompanied by a current Outdoor Residential Burn Permit, issued through the Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency (YRCAA) or one of its agents.

Residential Burn Permit costs remain between $47 and $50. They are renewable annually, but are only valid for the residential burning period, which is from March 15th through October 15th of each year.

These permits only allow the burning of natural materials, such as yard waste: tree trimmings, prunings, twigs, leaves, and the like, which grew on the property listed on the permit. All other materials are prohibited; for example, no plastics, paper, cardboard, chemicals, or metals can be burned. No processed wood - treated or untreated - such as building lumber, plywood, fiberboard, etc. is allowed.

The use of Burn Barrels is prohibited at any time.

Restrictions may differ within the exterior boundaries of the Yakama Reservation.