Officials: No big impacts locally from 911 outage

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Officials at Yakima County's 911 call center said the Thursday morning's statewide 911 outage didn't hit too hard locally. They credit getting the word out that people needed to call non-emergency numbers for local law enforcement agencies instead.

Service was back by 6 a.m. here.

More than 30 emergency calls came in during the outage. Officials said that's an average night.

"Fortunately we didn't see it affect us in a very negative way," said Yakima County Communications Assistant Manager Stacey Garcia. "It didn't have that big of an impact."

Communications officers said they did not get any complaints about the phone service not working. The non-emergency phone numbers for Yakima County are (509) 575-9081 or (509) 575-9083.