Novel written by Selah author available in stores nationwide

KEY MARKETING GROUP NEWS RELEASE -- In her new coming-of-age novel, "Lilly Camara Catches Heat," author Linda Estela tells the challenges of a teenage girl living a quite "ungirly" lifestyle.

The first day of Little League practice, the exciting spring day Lilly Camara impatiently anticipates every year. She and best friend, Cole, have dominated the diamond since they started playing baseball, and Lilly dreams of one day becoming the first woman in the Major Leagues.

What a surprise to find out there's a new pitcher in town. The new picther's got a rocket for an arm and has a crush on Lilly; however, Lilly can't stand the idea that her teammate would treat her like a girl instead of just one of the guys.

Estela's enchanting story "Lilly Camara Catches Heat" portrays the girlhood complications of this diehard ball player as she deals with a pesky crush, the school dance, her embarrassing family, and of course the championship game. Readers will join Lilly Camara as she meets increasing challenges on and off the field with good humor and a fiery spirit.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Estela is a registered nurse and has published many professional articles and home study courses for continuing education credit. She has published a novel and several short stories and has won an award for her writing.