Not everyone on board with proposed charter school for Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A public meeting was held Wednesday night for two charter schools hoping to open, one in Yakima and the other in Sunnyside.

Like most parents, Jose wants the best education for his daughter, and like many parents he has questions on how exactly the proposed charter schools will work.

"Sometimes it's good to know something different, I think charter schools is something different and I want to learn a little bit more about charter schools," said Jose, a Yakima father.

The company Por Vida has applied to start a charter school in Yakima called Yakima Academy. They're hoping to start next year as a high school for at risk students.

They currently have a high school in San Antonio, Texas where the students are taught in creative ways that make learning more enjoyable, such as by combining math and teamwork.

"The kids, they seem to remember and grasp a lot of the material that we do teach them, and a lot of them want us to go into other subjects as well," said Kim Wong, a Texas Por Vida teacher.

They welcome drop out students and give them a second chance to graduate.

However, a Texas non profit organization called Children at Risk, provided state wide rankings, which showed in 2013 Por Vida's Texas based school came in last out of 65 high schools in San Antonio. It was in the bottom five out of more than 1100 high schools state wide, earning it the grade of F.

The group Charter Schools of Sunnyside has applied to start a K through 8 school. They will work with all students, whether with at risk, with disabilities, those learning English, and students that excel.

They'll focus on blended learning, which is a combination of face to face instruction with online and digital learning, allowing students to work at their own level.

Different options to ensure our youth receive the best education.

A total of five schools here in the county are in the works. The State Charter Commission will make it's decision on which schools are selected next month.