'Not even seconds after he looked at me and I knew it was him'

PENDLETON, Ore. -- A national alert for Danny Wu was brought to a close Wednesday night when police got their man and finally figured out who he really is.

Action News spoke to the woman who spotted a suspected killer and helped bring him down.

"Not even seconds after he looked at me and I knew it was him," said Danielle Swanson.

Behind a closed door at the kitchen of the Pendleton Convention Center, Danielle came face to face with a wanted killer.

"He was sitting here and didn't say anything," she said.

There he was sitting in the middle of a beat-up chair. The man known as Danny Wu who'd left an entire town on edge.

Danielle said he stared her straight in the eye, eerily calm for a man accused of one murder and a brutal attack. Danielle knew immediately he was trouble.

"I was scared," she said. "I was definitely scared."

And she had every right to be. Who knows what this man is capable of? There are knives all over the kitchen and he's just been backed into a corner by an unarmed caterer who happened upon him by accident.

"He said, 'it's time to go' and then he started walking slowly across the kitchen."

The 23-year-old headed up this stairwell and slithered into this duct work disappearing from sight. Danielle and a co-worker called 9-1-1.

Police were there immediately. A manhunt that extended from coast to coast had come back full circle, blocks away from where the attacks took place.

Every single cop in town showed up to the convention center. After a search of the entire building, the suspect was found hiding in the attic. Authorities soon hauled him away and discovered his real name, Lukah Chang. A deserter from the Marine Corps.

Food workers said they knew something was up before they happened upon Chang Wednesday night. They noticed food missing from a storage closet.

"He had a lot of nerve to do this." Swanson said.

News of the arrest spread quickly across town. The husband of beating victim Karen Lange found out through a text message.

"It'll be a contest now to see if they can administer justice faster than Karen can recover," Dan Lange said.

Chang is now safely locked away in a Umatilla County Jail cell facing murder and attempted murder charges. For the first time in a year, closure could be on the way for Amyjane Brandhagen, Karen Lange and for an entire community.

Police always suspected Danny Wu was an alias. They told the East Oregonian he was cooperative during an interview last night.

Action News learned he went AWOL from Camp Pendleton in Southern California.

Police said he picked both victims at at random.