North Front Street businesses ready to showcase local products during Roots & Vines Fest

North Front Street businesses ready to showcase local products during Roots & Vines Fest

YAKIMA, Wash.--Local businesses on historic North Front Street are getting ready for the annual Roots and Vines Festival taking place in May in Yakima.

The event also brings potential for long-term benefits for the local economy.

Russillo's Pizza and Gelato is sparing no expense to showcase their best product during May's Roots and Vines Festival.

They plan on rolling out a custom-made kiosk that'll be ready to serve the thousands of people expected for the one day event.

"We spent the money with a local business and to have something for that event ready for that event to showcase the creativity of our food, mixed with the kiosk itself," said Russillo's general manager Brandon Russell.

"If you're going to come down for anything, come down and look at that kiosk [laughing]," he added.

City leaders say while Roots and Vines highlights Americana bluegrass music and local craft beverages, it's also a chance for businesses to take advantage of the added attention.

"They understand that the whole goal is to not really capitalize on just one day," said city economic development manager Sean Hawkins.

Part of their strategy of bringing in more of what they call "body heat" to the area.

"It's going to take more foot traffic, more people coming downtown, frequent visits to really bring more retail, more restaurants and those types of activities," said Hawkins.

Businesses on North Front street understand they're already in an area that naturally draws in people from outside the city,

But Roots and Vines places emphasis on how important an event like this can be for future success.

"It's exciting to be a part of it because it gives people the opportunity to come back into the restaurant which in previous years have shown those are really large revenue days for our business," Russell said.

More revenue that could be tied to people just having a good time with one another.

"That ultimately, that is a great impact for our community," Hawkins said.

Tickets are available for $15 in advance of Roots and Vines , which takes place on Saturday May 20.

More information on Roots and Vines and how you can buy tickets can be found by clicking here.

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