No more free court services for Moxee

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- Yakima County will no longer provide free court services for Moxee. The county says it can't afford the current arrangement any longer.

It's been handling most of Moxee's misdemeanor and felony cases for about a decade. It collects the fees and fines from defendants. But, that money doesn't cover the cost of county prosecutors and public defenders.

Moxee is a growing community. Six percent of the court's workload is now coming from Moxee. Administrators, like Harold Delia, say that's a problem.

"It was fine when Moxee was small, but now they're so big that they're creating an impact on the work the prosecutor, the public defenders and the courts have to do for our own clients," said Delia.

Yakima County is working on a new contract with Moxee. More negotiations are scheduled for next month.