New "smart home" development in Yakima includes high-speed internet, automated features

New "smart home" development in Yakima includes high-speed internet, automated features

YAKIMA, Wash.--A new housing development is being built in Yakima but it doesn't feature your typical households.

They're all being labeled as "smart homes" with some very unique capabilities.

The outside of a model home on Castlevale Road and North 40th Avenue looks pretty normal, but inside it is a world of possibilities.

Lights that function automatically and temperature control at the push of a button are just some features being installed into every residence of the Catalyss Homes development.

"We really just kind of wanted to offer a lifestyle that was really just unique to Yakima," said Jacob Cowan of TEL-COM Solutions, who's installing the technology for the homes.

120 homes are planned for this community, that feature fiber optic internet built into each home.

Meaning each space can reach up to 1000 megabytes of internet speed, the fastest available for any type of residence.

No other Washington state housing development has this says Cowan.

"You'll literally never see a buffering scene on any of your video streaming devices. Whether it'd be Youtube, Netflix, it just will be non-existent," he said.

But that's not the only perk of these high-tech homes.

Each comes ready with the Control 4 automation system, making it a true smart home experience.

"Something that's unique about this community is that with the automation system, you can really customize it based on what your needs and desires are," said Catalyss Homes sales lead Sarah Laidler.

For example, if you're coming into your home from a cold night out and you want to come in to a warm home, go to your home remote touchscreen panel and hit the "fire place" button and in just a few seconds it'll turn on automatically.

"This is definitely a trend that's rising and is going to continue to rise. The prices are coming down, it doesn't cost that much to implement," Cowan said.

Six different floor plans are currently available with each home starting at $400,000.

A price that integrates the latest in technology to make sure home comfort remains top priority.

"We're building something that meets the needs of this community and also brings in some fresh, new insights and new inspirations," said Laidler.

She added they plan on having an open house soon to show the full capabilities of these smart homes.

An announced date will be provide when available.

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