New rules for the new year

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Special events, small gatherings and parades happen year-round here in Yakima. New rules from the city had some event holders like Jason Stiles feeling left in the dark.

"What's the part that's the most frustrating for you?" asked KIMA.

"Just the fact we've been doing it for seven years and we fought really hard last year to get a three-year contract," said Jason.

His three-year contract for the Smokeout Choke out has been canceled. Now, Jason and every other event holder must re-apply for permits every year. The city said it's a way to keep a closer watch on the events and improve communication with organizers.

"This allows the police to look at the plans and say hey you need more security," said Yakima Economic Development Manager, Sean Hawkins. "It allows public works to work with the traffic plans."

Before, event holders had to provide very little information, but now they have to follow an eight-page application guideline if they want to hold an event.

New guidelines include security deposits, parking plans and for vendors to list potential safety issues. Jason said he could lose thousands of customers if his new contract isn't approved.

"How much money could you be losing since your contract is canceled?" asked KIMA.

"Well over $10,000," said Jason.

Don Eastridge manages the Yakima Farmers' Market. He said the rules could keep vendors from doing business.

"I know he can't keep up with all the strict rules or nobody will be there," said Don.

The goal was to have events reflect the city in a positive light.