New mosaic signs from Mighty Tieton unveiled

TIETON, Wash. -- A local arts and community group called Mighty Tieton debuted six new mosaics at the Highland Community Days celebration Saturday. All were locally made from the organization's mosaic tile design arm, Tieton Mosaics.

Tieton Mosaic began its mission to create beautiful mosaic signs inspired by those you see in the New York City subway system back in 2013. The commnity group was granted $50,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts, and then matched that number through fundraising.

As a result of Tieton Mosaic's efforts there are now two new signs directing people to the Tieton Square Park. A third sign was unveiled that denotes Tieton Square Park itself.

A fourth sign is still under construction and is set to go in the Fred Koempel Memorial Park, that is also still under construction.

For the small agricultural town, the locally created signs mark a resurgence in community pride, jobs, and overall spirit.

"It's important to us that whatever revitalization takes place here, it happens through a combination of art, design, community training, and job creation," said Ed Marquand, Tieton Mosaics Founder.

The group is working on another big project, a 'Welcome to Tieton' sign set to be unveiled in the next three to six weeks.

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