New Eisenhower High School only missing one thing, drinking fountains

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Students at Eisenhower High are wrapping up their second week at their brand new school.

The school is a state of the art wonder, which leaves students wondering how they could forget to include water fountains.

KIMA found out the designers didn't do all their homework in finalizing plans for the campus.

After a summer with no worries of homework or tests, students at Eisenhower returned to the long awaited new campus, with the hopes that everything would be perfect.

But it didn't take long for the students and staff to realize their $108 million dream school was missing drinking fountains.

"I thought it was crazy that they didn't have drinking fountains, that they forgot to put them in, and I guess there's only two by the gym, and it's crowded," said student Aaron Garcia.

Students told KIMA all of the vending machines were converted from carrying soda to only water, but unless they want to shell out a buck fifty, they have to make the trek to the gym.

"You expect everything to be perfect, it's the top school in the state. You just want to come out of class when you're thirsty, but you can't get water cause you have to walk like somewhere else and you'll be late to class if you go," said student Ramon Mendez.

School officials told KIMA this was an oversight on the part of the design team, which nobody caught on to.

They're working on the problem, and have architects and contractors planning to install additional drinking fountains on the west wing of the school, which should be finished in the next few months.

In the mean time, students and teachers are toughing it out.

"I actually have to bring water anyway, because I'm an athlete so it doesn't really matter," said student Rashel Saucede.

"Because it's hot, and you're walking around and you're just going to be thirsty all the time, and it's a big school so you're walking around everywhere," said student Ramon Mendez.

Now the students know first hand, how important it is to double check their work.

School officials have not been able to tell us how much this additional work is going to cost.

KIMA will stay on top of it and tell you just as soon as we find out.

Editor's Note: The original story stated that the contractor forgot to install the water fountains. KIMA learned the contractor installed the drinking fountains where they were on the plans. The oversight was not by the contractor but rather the design team.