New device keeping drunk drivers off the road

Washington's new weapon to prevent drunk driving is an ignition interlock that now has a camera.

State lawmakers have required the camera feature to keep DUI offenders from cheating the system. Some figured out they could bypass the interlock device by having their sober friends blow into it for them to start the car. The new camera takes a picture of both the driver and passenger. A few minutes into driving, the camera snaps another picture to make sure the two do not switch places.

A driver from Sunnyside had her license revoked in October after receiving her first DUI. She's a mom with four kids and driving is a necessity so she got one of the devices.

"I have a child that is disabled and I need to take him to appointments," she said.

Not everyone with a DUI is eligible for an interlock; you have to apply with the state department of licensing and pay for it yourself.

"To install it's going to be $167 and then after that it's going to be $69 a month," she said.

Those caught trying to cheat the device face fines and will lose their interlock license. For those who follow these rules, it offers a chance to drive again without putting anyone else at risk.