New details emerge in connection to deadly officer-involved shooting

EDITOR'S NOTE: When we originally aired this story on May 20, we reported there was a discrepancy about guns taken from the property.

A Washington State Patrol report of the evidence log indicated a shotgun was seized from the inside of Jesse Humphrey's RV.

The report made no reference to a pistol or a second rifle found on the property. Yakima police said they recovered those near Humphrey's body after he was shot outside the RV.

Following our story, we were provided a department case report by the Yakima Police Department that identifies a .22-caliber automatic pistol and an AR-15 machine gun confiscated by YPD officers that day.

We want to make sure the record is clear.

Our original story is posted below:

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- There is new information that raises questions about a police standoff and shootout near Selah in January.

It ended with the SWAT team gunning a man down outside his RV.

Documents KIMA obtained through a public records request indicate a discrepancy in the initial police story about the shooting, specifically about a rifle found at the scene. KIMA also got its hands on a copy of the autopsy.

It's been more than four months since Jesse Humphrey was killed. He was Kassie Fishnick's brother.

"It's just like a race, it just seems like yesterday," Fishnick said.

Time might be moving quickly, but information about the investigation has come slowly. Now, we're starting to learn more about those final moments recorded by a surveillance camera.

A copy of Humphrey's autopsy report provided by his family shows he had serious heart damage from chronic drug abuse. It states he could have died at anytime if he used a stimulant.

However, the family blocked out the toxicology results so KIMA couldn't tell if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of his death. The Yakima County coroner wouldn't confirm that either, since the case is still under investigation.

The autopsy said Humphrey was killed when the SWAT team opened fire. He was shot ten times.

Action News spoke with Yakima Police Department Capt. Greg Copeland when it first obtained security video from a neighbor that recorded the shooting. KIMA asked whether Humphrey was still a threat to law enforcement when he was on his stomach outside the RV as the SWAT team closed in.

KIMA asked, "Is there any chance he was trying to give himself up at that point?"

Copeland replied, "I don't think so, because otherwise he wouldn't have thrown the stick at the officers and then tried to access the pistol that he had underneath him."

KIMA asked, "Okay, so there was a pistol underneath him that was found at the scene?"

Copeland responded, "There was, yes, and by the way, the rifle he had been using for most of the night was actually within about three feet of him at the same time."

But, the location of the rifle may not be so clear.

KIMA obtained the Washington State Patrol's Evidence Inventory log taken from the scene. It lists what was seized that night, and from where.

For example, there were cartridge cases from bullets found all over the ground and inside the RV. The only mention of a gun is a shotgun found inside the hall of the RV, not outside or underneath Humphrey as YPD indicated.

After getting this report, KIMA went back to Capt. Copeland to get all sides of the story. His comments were made just days after the shooting in January.

Capt. Copeland supervises the SWAT team. He checked with his officers who were on scene that day again and said his officers insist there was a rifle found a few feet from Humphrey's body. But, he wasn't available to be interviewed on camera for this story.

Fishnick won't let the confusion bother her, and she is waiting for the final report.

"I don't hate all of these officers in Yakima, I don't," Fishnick said. "I can't say I hate any of them until this investigation is done."

The inventory log also makes no mention of a handgun found on Humphrey. However, a spokesperson for the Yakima County Sheriff's Office said that wouldn't necessarily be included on this evidence sheet.

KIMA is still waiting on the independent investigation being done by the Washington State Patrol. Action News contacted the lead detective, who said the case is still open and he can't comment.

Nothing has been handed over to prosecutors to decide whether the SWAT team was justified in using deadly force. There is no indication when that will happen.

All members of the SWAT team involved in Humphrey's shooting returned to work three months ago.