Murder victims' friends on Harper trial: 'It was a travesty'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Another day and no new information from prosecutors about the unexpected plea deal that ended Kevin Harper's murder trial.

Questions surrounding the case continue to grow.

KIMA's repeated calls and emails to Yakima County Prosecutors Ken Ramm, Steven Jackson and Jim Hagarty have not been returned.

The only thing out of the prosecutors office was a statement that mirrored what was already revealed in court Wednesday.

And, that more information could not be released because of matters set for trial and bar guidelines.

Close friends of Bill, Pauline and Bettye Goggin are floored by Harper's deal.

"It was a travesty as far as our judicial system goes. People did not do their job. And, they fell down on their face," said Mike Sunski.

Sunski lived just a few doors down from the Goggins in the gated Falcon Ridge community. He and his wife couldn't stay after the murders.

"We put the house up for sale and moved," said Sunski. "Why live in a gated community and you don't have security?"

That sense of fear rocked this community more than a year ago. And, the plea bargain has done it again.

KIMA asked, "If you could say something to prosecutors, what would it be?"

"Do your job," said Sunski.

Kevin Harper will be sentenced in January. Prosecutors recommend seven years behind bars.