Murder trial continues with police testimony

Murder trial continues with police testimony

YAKIMA, Wash. - Dylan Dixon faces second degree murder charges for killing John Barrett, on November 6, 2016.

The trial continued with testimony from a forensic lab supervisor who collected evidence at the scene and officers who responded to the call about Dixon’s location after the shooting.

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Yakima Police Forensic Lab Supervisor Kristen Drury said she was in charge of taking pictures at the crime scene, at Dixon’s apartment and of the autopsy.

“It had already been carted off and an area had been defined prior to my arrival,” she said. “I began taking overall mid-range and close-up photographs of that area and the area within the parking lot.”

Drury also showed the jury the hammer that Dixon said Barrett was going to hit him with.

Yakima Police Officer Mario Vela was one of the officers who responded to the shooting.

He said a witness directed police to Dixon’s apartment door and when they knocked, Dixon answered.

“He said that I didn’t mean to do it,” he said.

Vela said police questioned Dixon about where he got the gun that shot Barrett.

“So he said… that John told him he was looking for a gun in his truck,” Vela said. “So at that point he said he got scared. Dylan was eventually able to grab the gun from within the truck.”

Vela said police asked Dixon what he did with the gun that shot Barrett but Dixon couldn’t remember.

Police also discovered a firearm inside Dixon’s apartment but said it was not the one used to shoot Barrett.

The trial will continue tomorrow with afternoon testimony from detectives and is expected to last about seven more days.

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