Mudslide update: 16 mudslides in a two and a half mile span

NACHES, Wash. -- We are still feeling the effects of Thursday night's storm. Power is almost fully restored in Walla Walla and College Place. And over near Highway 410 crews are making progress on several mudslides.

Crews have been working to clear Highway 410 near mile marker 107. The ground finally came to a stop allowing crews to safely access certain parts of the highway.

In total, the storm caused 16 mudslides within a two and a half mile span.

"Got another 7 landslides still in the roadway and there's probably another two to three thousand cubic yards of material we need to clear out," Scott Clark the WSDOT maintenance manager told Action News.

DOT began to clear the roads Friday and told us they have now removed half of the debris. Estimated clean up costs are around 50-grand so far but are climbing.

"We're afraid the road may have got washed away but we've cleared that. The road's in good shape and the only damage there was the guardrail on both sides," said Clark.

The guardrails will have to be replaced and several slopes will have to be reshaped. More manpower and equipment has been added to help get this done. Still, they're running into a few setbacks.

"Now we're kind of running out of spots to dump so our hauls are longer to our dump site," said Clark.

Meaning Highway 410 could be closed longer than expected. The goal is still to clear the road of all debris by Monday.