Moxee Elementary School students donate truckload of pet food to local animal rescue


YAKIMA, Wash. -- Students from Moxee Elementary School made a special delivery to a local animal rescue center Saturday morning.

A truckload of pet food for animals was dropped off to the nonprofit Wags to Riches in West Valley.

Students spent a week collecting more than 280 items including canned food, kibble, and more.

Managers at the volunteer-based rescue center said these kind of donations make all the difference.

"It shows us that kids are getting involved in rescue work," said rescue center board member Stacy Mayne. "Kids are understanding what it's like to own and rescue a pet and I think it shows our community that we have the support of our younger generation."

Students also spent time cuddling a litter of puppies that will be up for adoption in a few weeks. For more information on the nonprofit click here.

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