Mother births first set of natural triplets in Yakima this year

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A mother in Yakima has triple vision. And, she doesn't need glasses. She gave birth to the first set of natural triplets in the city this year.

10 fingers and 10 toes times three! That's a lot of counting for Crystal Samano.

"I'm excited, I get all teary just thinking about my girls," said Crystal.

Heavenlee, Harmony and Hannah were named by people dear to Crystal. They were born 15 minutes apart. All of them weighed less than four pounds.

"It's so emotional," said Crystal. "It's beautiful that God picked me to grow them and naturally. That's what amazes me the most."

Crystal's pregnancy wasn't easy. She needed an emergency C-section for Hannah, whose lungs weren't fully developed. And, it isn't easy now. All three were born early and are in the NICU.

The single mom said love and support from her church has helped her tremendously.

Hannah is improving. Her oxygen level is higher. And, all of the babies are gaining weight.

What's incredible about these triplets is Crystal didn't use fertility drugs. On top of that, Heavenlee and Harmony are identical.

"Are you worried about telling them apart?" KIMA asked.

"I'm already messing their names up," said Crystal.

But, mom has a plan. She hopes it comes in handy when she dresses them alike.

"I'm going to paint a toenail one for the first one, two for the second and three on the third one so I always know who's who until they learn how to remove it," said Crystal.

Naturally conceived triplets are very rare. The odds are about one in 8,000.

The girls will be able to go home when they get healthier. Crystal doesn't know when that will be.