Mosaics Project hits fundraising goal; future of Tieton USPS still unclear

TIETON, Wash. -- As of Saturday morning, the Tieton Stamp Mosaic Project has reached its fundraising goal. 272 people have pledged over $48,000 in donations, which would have allowed the project to move forward. However, the United States Post Office hasn't given the project the final approval needed, which put the planning into limbo.

Earlier this week, Ernie Swanson, U.S.P.S. communications field contact out of Seattle, sent an email to the people behind the project saying in part that while they appreciate the idea, the U.S. Postal Service is "not interested in pursuing the project."

In a phone interview on Saturday with Ed Marquand, co-founder of Mighty Tieton and one of the organizers behind the project, Marquand told Action News he's put out a memo for donors to hold off on contributing more money until it's clear what the decision will be from U.S.P.S. Though Marquand says they were, of course, happy to see their fundraising efforts supported by the greater community.

The money pledged on the website will not get officially transferred until the Aug. 3, 5:30 p.m. deadline.

"Now that we have hit our goal, we have nine days to get the post office to respond," said Marquand. "We're just waiting for them to respond."

Marquand wants to see the Tieton Post Office restored and upgraded with a Mosaic front which would celebrate the town. The project would also help bring repairs to the building.

"The bottom two feet of the post office is rotted wood," says Marquand. "The tiles in the lobby have to be duct-taped to the floor."