More Yakima students attending CWU

ELLENSBURG, Wash.-- About 500 more students enrolled at Central Washington University this quarter. More students from Yakima are going there too. In the past, they've made up 8 to 9% of the student body. That's up to 12 percent this year. A lot of them are trying to save money by commuting on The Hope Source shuttle every day.

The trip can take up to an hour and 45 minutes. But, for a $125 monthly pass, students save on gas money and paying rent. For commuters, living at home in Yakima also gives them access to some aspects of city life students can't get in Ellensburg.

Despite the increase in students from Yakima, administrators don't see CWU becoming a commuter school. There's been no increase in vacancies for on-campus housing and surrounding apartments. But, the university's online program for students away from Ellensburg is growing as well.